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100% Italiano - Olio extra vergine di Oliva 1L

100% Italiano - Olio extra vergine di Oliva 1L


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Extracted exclusively from Italian olives, it is a characterised by a golden yellow colour and olive fragrance.

For those who love a full, distinct and pleasant flavour.

More information
traditional values (medi per 100g)
  • Energy 3389 kJ/824 kcal
  • Fat 91,6 g
  • of which: Saturates 15 g
  • Mono-Unsaturates 69 g
  • Polyunsaturates 7,6 g
  • Carbohydrate 0 g
  • of which: Sugars 0 g
  • Fibre 0 g
  • Protein 0 g
  • Salt 0 g

Special features
  • 100% Italian olives.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Keep away from heat sources and away from the light.

From olive oils of italian origin.

Produced By

Olearia F.lli De Cecco di Filippo Fara San Martino S.r.l., via F. De Cecco - 66015 Fara San Martino (CH) Italia.

Information on the category of oil

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

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