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Gramigna n° 31 con spinaci
Cooking time: 11 min. Cooking time: 9 min.

Gramigna n° 31 con spinaci


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Gramigna, which originated in Emilia Romagna, is a type of pasta similar to a short bucatino which has been slightly twisted. Its shape resembles the tiny seed of one of the most common grasses.

Gramigna is traditionally accompanied by sausage based sauces or Bolognese ragù. In general, all meat and tomato based sauces go well with this type of pasta.

Available in 500g pack.s

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More information
traditional values (medi per 100g)
  • Energy 1489 kJ/351 Kcal
  • Fat 1,8 g
  • of which: Saturates 0,3 g
  • Carbohydrate 68 g
  • of which: Sugars 3 g
  • Fibre 3,5 g
  • Protein 14 g
  • Salt 0,01g

Instructions for use
  • Durum wheat semolina, spinach (10%). May contain traces of soy.


Durum wheat semolina pasta with spinach.


Store away from heat sources and from daylight and avoid damp places.

Cooking time
- Cooking time 11 minutes
- Al dente 9 minutes
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