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The care taken over the product and the careful selection of the primary ingredients is the hallmark of the De Cecco range, to bring you the very best for your all your recipes.

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  1. Riso Superfino Arborio Cooking time: 14-16 min.
  2. Riso Superfino Carnaroli Cooking time: 14-16 min.
  3. Riso Vialone Nano Cooking time: 13-15 min.

    Riso Vialone Nano

  4. Riso Ribe Cooking time: 13-15 min.

    Riso Ribe

  5. Riso Superfino Roma Cooking time: 13-15 min.

    Riso Superfino Roma

  6. Riso Parboiled Cooking time: 14-16 min.

    Riso Parboiled

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